Monday, March 22, 2010

for the love of paper

la la la paper paper paper books paper vintage colour paper love books paper paper
la la la ...

inspiring creation for fairy lights ... nice little project :)
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cake decorating

Photos of my two adorable nieces helping me decorate a birthday cake for their little brother who was turning one. Look at their faces - such enjoyment ...

and a funny quote from Alannah (right) :
"oh yuuuuum leesey wagon wheels, i've never had one of those before, i reckon they would be soooo delicious" yeah hint hint ;)

giggles "oh silly leeeeesey"

Friday, March 19, 2010

more inspiration

mmm pretty bedroom ^ ^ ^

check out the door, now i want to buy a little fuji instax camera

like the one i bought my sister mandy for her birthday. just

so i can do this :)

CAT CAKE!! haha funy cat costume. he doesn't look happy

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haha dinosaur necklaces! the funniest and awesomest piece of jewelery i found today ...


annie leibovitz photography

One amazing photographer i love and inspired my photography classes through college. So unique, disney style!