Thursday, February 4, 2010

things on thursday

created by me . birdy wall sticker from cocoon
2.little fairy cousin Harper
4.pretty pink pencils
5.succulents in my window
6.FRANKIE-best mag

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

blue blue sky

welcome little eamon thomas

my brother and sister-in law have a new baby boy

Eamon Thomas
born on: 01.02.10

congratulations x

time to start blogging again i'd say

favourite things . . .

lying on the grass outside looking up into the sky
through the trees.. ahhhh peaceful

this stuff probably cooks your skin but it smells
and feels so yummy

my favourite journal from smiggle !

mr. frog :)

guess who got a job? me me me me
starting as of this friday at the uniprint office
at the university of TAS - it's a printing and
graphics...(something) traineeship
i herebye welcome myself into the working world!
this means lots of office clothes shopping :D