Thursday, June 24, 2010

another entry in...

mums 10 happy moments.

1. Trees wearing their autumn colours against a grey sky
2. Coffee on the verandah
3. Lunch with Fred at Strathlynn overlooking the Tamar Valley and Vineyards
4. Visiting the country bumpkins at Pateena Road
5. Giggling with Eamon
6. Finding red toadstools under the pine trees with Imogen and Finn
7. Feeding my family when ther're gathered together
8. Pruning my trees and shrubs
9. Breakfast in Freo with Mandy
10. Homemade cards - giving and receiving

(i think this entry deserves a win)

share the joy project . this is for you mandy

 . this is my 'share the joy' list . enjoy .

1. having a very best friend to share laughs and have
the same sense of humour with
2.  sinking into freshly laundered bedding
3. lying in the grass watching fluffy clouds go by
4. my older brothers who tease me and make me laugh
5. tuning into my music and tuning out the world
6. sleeping in on a saturday morning
7. just being called aunty leesie by my two adorable nieces
8. enjoying simple things such as socks and tea
9. crunching through the leaves in autumn
10. being together with my family, just sitting
and watching them